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Pirate Term


Here are the 2016 Pirate Term Course descriptions (grades 9-11).

Mini Monster Garage:

Do you want to learn more about the automotive industry? Acquire some necessary skills by tackling some automotive projects and visiting area businesses that specialize in mechanics and restoration. Get hands on experience with a virtual painting booth and painting actual motorcycle parts at Hawkeye Community College. Next, learn how to increase horsepower at McVey Custom Motorcycle Shop and Harley Davidson’s Facilities. Lastly, we’ll tour a local painting facility that does work on custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you like working with your hands and learning about vehicle maintenance/restoration, this is the Pirate Term for you!               


Pirate Potters:

Calling all Pirates!  Is your schedule too busy with core classes to take a pottery class?  Are you ready to play in the mud and get dirty while constructing pleasing works of art?  If so, this Pirate Term is for you!  We will make a variety of pottery creations from vases to jewelry pendants.  We will be using the potter’s wheel so get ready to play in the mud!


Scuba Experience:   

Students will be offered an option to achieve a lifelong certification to be PADI Scuba certified by a Dive Master at the University of Northern Iowa.   This experience includes session on scuba gear operation, safety and procedures, pool dives, and an option to complete certification with 2 required open water quarry dives and a discounted certification cost of $150.00.   Students must be a minimum of 15 years old to take this class and will need to have a school physical on record.  Below is a video of a previous  scuba pirate term.


Pirate Pickers:

Need a way to channel your creativity?  Learn how to repurpose pallets.  Turn them into planters, picture frames, chairs, tables, or wall art.  The list doesn’t end there!  Use your creativity to transform a pallet into something amazing!  In this Pirate Term group, you will be exposed to the above and many more.  The daily routine will vary from researching the internet for projects and ideas, creating and designing projects, taking before and after shots, cutting and assembling the projects, and painting or putting the finishing touches on them.  This mentality of creatively using resources will be the common theme.  


Healthy Lifestyles:

What are the top 10 small changes that will make a difference in your life forever?  What will happen to your body once your metabolism slows down when you are middle aged?  What are your thoughts on lifetime activities?  What are some fun ways to remain healthy?  Through field trips such as a tour of Hansen’s Dairy Farms and body testing at UNI, you will discover how to eat healthy and how to maintain this healthy habit. We will be researching and participating in various activities, such as disc golf, biking, hiking, and many more while learning the benefits of these activities  and discovering how to eat healthy and exercise for a lifetime of health!



This Pirate Term will offer rudimentary cooking skills such as combining flavors, how to measure, broiling, grilling, frying, and much more!  You will also learn how to plan meals and stay within your budget and still eat well.  We will also offer healthy substitutions for common unhealthy favorites.  Be prepared to eat and enjoy!


Dance Team Experience:

As the name suggests, this Pirate Term will lead you through some of what makes up being part of a dance team.  We will spend time exploring: team building; song selection and editing; as well as performance-ready costuming, hair, and make-up.  You will also get a taste of learning, creating, and teaching choreography with insights to how actual high school dance teams are evaluated by judges.  Various genres of dance performance will be explored such as pom, military, lights, lyrical, show production, jazz, hip hop, color guard, and novelty in this fun way to wrap up the year!


Military Experience:

This course is offered to students who show interest in the military. Students will experience what a soldier goes through in a typical day and will enhance student exposure to, and understanding of, relevant military subjects. Military subjects may include learning military structure, drill and ceremony, and military tactics. This may also include eating meals ready to eat (MRE), watching military videos, playing strategy games, touring the Iowa Army National Guard, visiting Camp Dodge, performing physical training, interacting with military veterans, playing laser tag, etc. Not only will the students experience and understand military studies, they will also come to appreciate the characteristics of leadership, discipline, honor, and selfless service.                            


Rags to Riches:

Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey; Neighborhood Grill, Town and Country Home Improvement, and Koch Specialities.  What do these people or businesses have in common?  These are the names of people who are successful entrepreneurs and local businesses started by entrepreneurs in our community.  Have you ever thought of starting your own business or owning a franchise?  In this Pirate Term, you will have a chance to explore what it would be like to start a business, visit with local entrepreneurs, and possibly even have an opportunity to job shadow with a local business.


Animal Science:

Explore the world of animal science in unique, hands-on activities.  You will investigate the care and management of different species of livestock. Take part lab experiences that will be sure to peak your interest. Veterinarians and animal science experts will lead us on your weeklong adventure.

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