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Pirate Term


2019 Pirate Term Course descriptions (grades 9-11).

The Hudson Games:  Outdoor Skills

Spend most of the week in teams learning differnt outdoors skills such as:  fishing fire building, shelter building, outdoor cooking, first aid, and more!  At the end of the week, put your skills to the test.  You will be going head-tohead with other teams in a relay race of skills and a game of capture the flag.


Customs, Culture & Cuisine of Japan:

Come and discover Japan’s abimdamce – both traditional and contemporary!  Prepare and enjoy culinary delights of Japan such as edamame and suhi.  Experiment with traditional Japanese art such as Sumi-e (ink painting).  Learn basic Japanese language, Take part in a Japanese tea ceremony.  Learn popular Japanese activities such as fashion, anime, and J-pop.  Try your hands (and feet) at Japanese martial arts such as judo and karate.


Scuba Experience:   

Students will be offered an option to achieve a lifelong certification to be PADI Scuba certified by a Dive Master at the University of Northern Iowa.   This experience includes session on scuba gear operation, safety and procedures, pool dives, and an option to complete certification with 2 required open water quarry dives.  Below is a video of a previous  scuba pirate term.


That’s Pinteresting:

Explore Des Moines, Iowa City, and the Cedar valley to find out what makes Iowa pinteresting.  Creat Pinterest boards to promote the fashion, food and fabulousness io Iowa.  #Let’s get trending!  


Healthy Lifestyles:

Explore opportunities for a health lifestyle through physical, mental,and social activities!  Cooking, bike rides, disc golf, healthy food options, health maintenance, exercise and more.

healthy lifestyles bike ride

Pirate Pickers:

Need a way to channed your creativity?  Learn how to repurpose pallets.  Turne them into wall art, planters, picture frames, chairs, or tables.   The list doesnt end there!  Use your creativity to transform a pallet into something amazing!

Pirate Pickers Projects

Renaissance Immersion:

Explore the intricacies of the sciences, arts and philosophies of Renaissance period.  Learn more about the historical figures who lifted humanity out of the Dark Ages and paved the way for an age of Enlightenment.


Personal Wellness:

Explore opportunites realted to your personal wellness from CPR training, athletic training techniques, chiropractic procedures, and other personal wellness strategies.  This course will include site visits to the University of Northern Iowa, Wartburg College, University of Iowa and local hospitals/clinics.  Spend the week becoming certified in some of these areas.

Learning CPR

Military Experience:

This course is offered to students who show interest in the military. Students will experience what a soldier goes through in a typical day and will enhance student exposure to, and understanding of, relevant military subjects. Military subjects may include learning military structure, drill and ceremony, and military tactics. This may also include eating meals ready to eat (MRE), watching military videos, playing strategy games, touring the Iowa Army National Guard, visiting Camp Dodge, performing physical training, interacting with military veterans, playing laser tag, etc. Not only will the students experience and understand military studies, they will also come to appreciate the characteristics of leadership, discipline, honor, and selfless service.                            

Touring a helicopter


Forensic Science, CSI.  Criminals, Road Trips, Sheriffs, Oh My!


Animal Science:

Explore the world of animal science in unique, hands-on activities.  You will investigate the care and management of different species of livestock. Take part lab experiences that will be sure to peak your interest.Take part in lab experiences that will be sure to peak your interst.  Veterinarians and animal science experts will lead us on your adventure.

Learning about Vet Tech

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