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Board Of Education

Board of Directors Operations Manual

Hudson Community School District Strategic Plan 2019-2023


Thank you for coming

The Hudson Board of Directors typically meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the Board room of the Central Office located at 136 S. Washington Street in Hudson, Iowa, generally at 5:00 pm. unless otherwise announced. Citizens are encouraged to attend and are welcomed to address the board during a specially set aside time in the agenda.

We hope you find this meeting informative. By attending, you will better understand how your public education system operates. There will be discussions about student learning, curriculum, facilities, finances and staffing, among other topics. 

Your interest is appreciated. The public education system belongs to you and your involvement is encouraged. Public participation and open lines of communication are vital to a strong school system. 

Comments from Visitors

Time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for public communication to the board. At that time, interested citizens may present comments, suggestions, or concerns, even if they are not on the agenda. However, the board will generally not interact with citizens during public comment time so as to not interfere with the decorum of the meeting. Further, no action can be taken on your request unless it is on the published agenda for action. Please do not take offense to these procedures, they are required as part of the Iowa Open Meetings Law. If you wish to speak with the board during the meeting, please see the board secretary prior to the meeting and fill out the request to speak form. The president will call on you at the appropriate time. 

Addressing the Board

When recognized by the president, please stand at your chair, state your name, address and organization your represent. If you have printed information to share with the board, please provide it in advance to the secretary who will distribute it at the appropriate time. In most cases you will be limited to only 3 minutes so plan accordingly. And a final reminder that this time is not intended to be an open debate and board members will typically not interact with you unless to ask clarifying questions.

A Meeting in the Public, not of the Public

Debate is reserved for board members. As such, members of the public are welcomed to observe the discussion and debate of the board, but not permitted to participate in this discussion. Such discussion is considered out of order and members of the public may be asked to leave if they interject in board deliberations. 

Development of the Agenda

The agenda for board meeting is prepared by the superintendent in consultation with the board president. Persons requesting to place an item on the agenda must make a request to the superintendent prior to the drafting of the agenda. These requests may be added at the discretion of the superintendent in consultation with the board president (BP 210.8)