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Friday Board Bulletin 5/5/2023

Posted Date: 05/05/2023

Friday Board Bulletin 5/5/2023

Board Members:

The school year is very quickly beginning to evaporate. ISASP testing is complete and our elementary students are enjoying their annual field day. I am grateful they have nice weather. I believe last year we were rained out. 

A sure sign the school year is winding down was the annual senior awards assembly on Wednesday. This year's senior class has been awarded more than $620,000 in scholarships and grants. A highlight was recognizing students who have been accepted into apprenticeship programs in trades. No doubt a testament to our CEO program where students were introduced to technical fields and had opportunities to be placed with local businesses. 

The legislature adjourned yesterday. I think it is safe to say we are happy it ended. Throughout the week several bills were sent to the governor’s office. We expect them to be signed, but as of Thursday afternoon, they have not been. There is a 30-day window for them to be signed.

HF 604 is the “student discipline” bill. You will need to look at the amendment to see the final version, but it is much more reasonable than the original version.

HF 602 is the Student ID/Suicide Prevention Info bill that requires districts to put the suicide hotline number on student ID cards.

HF 672 made it in just under the wire on Thursday. It allows teachers and others with master’s degrees (or higher) to renew their license without additional coursework. It also requires background checks for non-public school teachers.

HF 430 (BoEE bill) was also sent to the governor. You will need to look at the amendment on this one as well H-1349 to see the final version. It maintains the general makeup of the board and has several requirements about reference checks, reporting, and other issues for districts and the BoEE.

Finally, HF 718 was sent to the governor as the major property tax bill agreed to by the House and Senate. For schools, it prohibits any new PERL levies (but allows those that have them to remain), and requires that all bond elections be held in November, along with several other smaller requirements. (UPDATE: The Governor signed this bill on Thursday).

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Tony Voss