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200 Legal Status of the Board of Directors

    200.1 Organization of the Board of Directors
    200.1R1 Organizational Meeting Procedures
    200.2 Powers of the Board of Directors
    200.3 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors


201 Board of Directors’ Elections

202 Board of Directors Members

    202.1 Qualifications
    202.2 Oath of Office
    202.3 Term of Office
    202.4 Vacancies

203 Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest
204 Code of Ethics
205 Board Member Liability

206 Board of Directors’ Officers

    206.1 President
    206.2 Vice-President
    206.3 Secretary
    206.4 Treasurer

207 Board of Directors’ Legal Counsel
208 Ad Hock Committees

    208.1E1 Ad Hoc Committees Exhibit

209 Board of Directors’ Management Procedures

    209.1 Development of Policy
    209.2 Adoption of Policy
    209.3 Dissemination of Policy
    209.4 Suspension of Policy
    209.5 Administration in the Absence of Policy
    209.6 Review and Revision of Policy
    209.7 Review of Administrative Regulations

210 Board of Directors’ Meetings

    210.1 Annual Meeting
    210.2 Regular Meeting
    210.3 Special Meeting
    210.4 Work Sessions
    210.5 Meeting Notice
    210.6 Quorum
    210.7 Rules of Order
    210.7R1 Rules of Order Regulation
    210.8 Board Meeting Agenda
    210.9 Consent Agenda

211 Open Meetings
212 Closed Sessions
213 Public Participation in Board Meetings

    213.1R1 General Complaints by Citizens

214 Public Hearings
215 Board of Directors’ Records

    215.1E1 Board Meeting Minutes

216 Board of Directors’ Member Services

    216.1 Association Membership
    216.2 Board of Directors’ Member Development and Training
    216.3 Board of Directors’ Member Compensation and Travel

217 Gifts to Board of Directors