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The Hudson Community School District Board of Education promotes healthy students by supporting wellness, good nutrition and regular physical activity as a part of the total learning environment. The school district supports a healthy environment where students learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health status of students. Improved health optimizes student performance potential.

The school district provides a comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors. The entire school environment, not just the classroom, shall be aligned with healthy school district goals to positively influence a student’s understanding, beliefs and habits as they relate to good nutrition and regular physical activity.

Wellness Committee Members:  Jan Brandhorst, School Nurse, Kevin Wurzer, Health Teacher, Sean Leonard, PE Teacher, Olivia Andera, PE Teacher, Laura Wieman, OPAA Director, Jeff Dieken, JH/HS Principal, Crystal Betts, Elementary Principal, Dr. Voss, Superintendent, Sheila Petry, Admin Asst.