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About Us

About Us

We create effective learning environments that result in success for all students.

The Hudson Community School District is approximately 63 square miles located just South of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, just minutes from the University of Northern Iowa. Total enrollment for the district is approximately 900 students, with a total district population of 3,576. Hudson has approximately 145 employees with an administrative staff that includes a superintendent, K-6 principal, and 7-12 principal. Additionally the district employs a full time At-Risk Coordinator and offers a full slate of programming for students.

  1. Academic Calendar 2024-2025 *Approved 2/21/2024
  2. Acacemic Calendar 2023-2024 
  3. Academic Calendar 2022-2023 
  4. Academic Calendar 2021-2022
  5. Enrollment and Five Year Projections for the 2023-2024 School Year *Updated 10/10/2023
  6. Map of district facilities 
  7. School District Radon and Testing Report *Posted 9/5/2023
  8. Publication of District Facilities *Posted 6/26/2024

Moving and Want to Ensure Your Purchase in the Hudson Community School District?

  1. Visit the Black Hawk County Real Estate Mapping WebsiteDistrict Map
  2. After clicking the disclaimer ‘Yes’, select #2 ‘Address’
    Enter the address in the upper right corner. Use your scroll to zoom in and out of the map.
  3. Type the house number in field 1 ‘House No’
  4. You should be able to leave the direction field blank
  5. Type the name of the street in the field titled ‘Street Name’
  6. What type of street is it? An Avenue? Road? Boulevard? Select the correct answer from the drop down menu in the field titled ‘Type’.
  7. What city is it located in? Choose what city in this field. Remember that city alone does not determine the school district. For example, there are portions of Waterloo and Cedar Falls that both belong to the Hudson Community School District.
  8. Click on ‘Polling Location’. Look where it lists the school election–that is your school district!

Academic Program

Both the K-8 and 9-12 attendance centers have been designated as ‘High Performing’ schools by the Iowa Department of Education. 

  1. Iowa Performance Profile
  2. ACT College Readiness
  3. National Assessment of Educational Progress
  4. NAEP Information on Student Achievement
  5. Hudson District Data Profile *added 9/14/2023
  6. Hudson ISASP Review 2023 *added 9/14/2023
  7. District Developed Service Delivery Plan *added 9/27/2023

Daily attendance rate 2023-2024*Updated 7/1/2024


Graduation Requirements: 56 credits and Senior Celebration

Comprehensive Course Catalog

English 8 Social Studies (electives) 2
American History 2 American Government 2
Science 6 Math 6
Physical Education 4 Health 2
Financial Literacy 1 Other Electives 23



Please visit our registration page for specific information regarding the enrollment of your children in the Hudson Community School District. According to Iowa Code section 282.3 a child MUST be five on or before September 15 to enter kindergaren and must be six on or before September 15 to enter first grade. This is the law and cannot be waived. Schools have a right to know student addresses for residency purposes and a P.O box used for an address is not considered proof of residence. 

Open enrollment is the process by which parents/guardians residing in and Iowa district may enroll their children into another Iowa public school district. There is no deadline to apply for open enrollment, however open enrollment requests into the Hudson Community School District during the school year are considerd on a case by case basis and dependent on class size sections and special programming requests. Applications for the following school year are first considered during the March school board meeting. To that end, we ask that open enrollment application for the new school year to be on file with the Office of the Superintendent by March 1. To file for open enrollment, please complete this form and submit a copy the Hudson district. 

Basic Financial Data

  1. Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Presentation posted April 18, 2024
  2. Proposed Propery Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2025 posted February 27, 2024
  3. Annual Financial Health Report for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2023 posted September 14, 2023
  4. Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Presentation posted March 22, 2023
  5. Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Presention posted March 6, 2022
  6. Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Presentation posted March 25, 2021
  7. Tax Rates updated March 23, 2023
  8. Fiscal Year 2019 school audit
  9. Fiscal Year 2020 school audit posted February 18, 2021
  10. Fiscal Year 2021 school audit posted September 21, 2022
  11. Fiscal Year 2022 school audit posted September 14, 2023
  12. Fiscal Year 2023 school audit posted July 1, 2024
  13. Outstanding levy Limits posted July 12, 2024

District Learner Performance Goals

Upon graduation from the Hudson Community School District, Hudson students will show competence as a:

  1. Knowledgeable Person
  2. Quality Producer
  3. Collaborative Worker
  4. Problem Solver
  5. Effective Communicator
  6. Contributing Citizen
  7. Internal Assets Builder

Hudson Keys to Success

The Hudson Community School District is committed to helping its students develop the Eight Keys of Excellence. It is the district’s belief that individuals who develop and possess these eight traits will be very solid people who are committed to LIVING ABOVE the LINEThe Eight Keys of Excellence are …

  1. Live in Integrity
  2. Keep Your Balance
  3. Stay Flexibility
  4. Live in the Now, This Is It!
  5. Speak With Good Purpose
  6. Take Ownership
  7. Acknowledge Failure Leads to Success
  8. Affirm Your Commitment

Map of Main Campus


Map of Sports Complex