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11/20 HS Announcements

Posted Date: 11/20/2023

11/20 HS Announcements

There will be an FCCLA meeting today during first seminar in Mrs. Terrill’s room.

Some classrooms have moved, beginning today.  Mrs. Brouillette and Mrs. Petersen are now in their new classrooms by the office.  Mrs. Cortez will be meeting in Mrs. Brouillette’s old room and Mr. Wurzer will be in Mrs. Petersen’s old room.  If you have any questions about where your class is meeting, please stop in the office.

Seniors, please continue to check in with Mrs. Koop about your second semester schedules.

With the progress of our construction, the back HS parking lot will not be available until further notice.  Again, please make sure that you are parking in appropriate areas.  The JH lot is available and we would encourage you to utilize that lot.  If you have any questions about where you can park, please stop up in the office.

Anyone interested in girls soccer, please stop by the HS office and see Dee.  Any girls grades 9-12 are welcome to participate.

Please do not park in bus driver parking.  The spots directly in front of the bus barn are reserved for our bus drivers.