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02/02 HS Announcements

Posted Date: 02/02/2024

02/02 HS Announcements

Seniors – transcripts are all updated and are ready to go.  If you need your transcript printed, please email a request to Erin.

There will be a Student Council meeting today during both seminars in Mrs. Thilges’ room.

There will be a Junior Meeting today during first seminar in the auditorium.  Juniors – please report to your seminar class and walk together to the auditorium.

We are still missing some senior pictures.  Files will be sent out tomorrow.  If you have not gotten your senior and toddler picture to Erin, please send it in as soon as possible.

If you still have Gold Star nominations to make, please bring those to the office as soon as possible.  They will be picked up sometime this week.

Please be mindful of where you are parking as tickets are being issued.  Students can park on Wood Street, except for bus driver parking – signs are posted.  Students can also park in the middle school lot and on the streets north of School Street.  Tickets will be issued if you are parking on School Street or behind the elementary building.  This includes morning and afternoon practice times as well.

With the progress of our construction, the back HS parking lot will not be available until further notice.  Again, please make sure that you are parking in appropriate areas.  The JH lot is available and we would encourage you to utilize that lot.  If you have any questions about where you can park, please stop up in the office.