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Friday Board Bulletin 5/19/2023

Posted Date: 05/19/2023

Friday Board Bulletin 5/19/2023

Board Members:

I want to take a brief moment today and thank you again for your service as school board members. Your support and faith in me has been comforting, particularly as Ann and I navigate her illness. May is of course school board appreciation month, and I can think of no better way to celebrate that appreciation than in seeing you all in action.

This year the tagline on my email signature has been 'meeting our destiny'. It was the theme of our convocation address at the beginning of the year and it will be the theme of my address to the Class of 2023 on Sunday. All through the school year, we have driven home this idea that we are preparing our youngsters for their destiny: and that it is one of their own choosing. At our school board meeting on Wednesday, you took action that will secure these ideals for the students of our community for generations to come, far surpassing the tenure of us all. You have secured a legacy that future school boards, students, administrators, and employees will be proud of. So thank you for your very hard work, diligent questions, and unwavering support.

Graduation is of course on Sunday. If you wish to attend baccalaureate, it begins at 2:00. Please plan to meet in the little gym by 2:45. Have a great weekend.

Dr. Tony Voss