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Return to Learn

Learning Model Decision Matrix (decomissioned as of February 25, 2022)
Beginning of the 2021-2022 Year Guidance
Latest from the Iowa Department of Public Health
Black Hawk County Health Guidelines


Return to Learn

ESSER III (American Recovery Plan)

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021 into law. The ARP Act authorized a third round of emergency coronavirus relief to schools across the country through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ARP ESSER or ESSER III). The ESSER III Fund allocates nearly $123 billion to states and school districts to help safely reopen pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (PK-12) schools, sustain the safe operation of schools, and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students.

This brings to Hudson a total amount of $664,845 in federal stimulus funds since the beginning of the pandemic. To see a breakdown of those funds and how they have been used, click here

In Hudson, we received $419,085 in ESSER III funds. Of that, 20% or $83,817 is reserved to address learning loss as a result of COVID, leaving a grand total of $335,268 that can be used for other purposes. While broad in scope, the primary directive is to utilize the funds in a way that can be connected to our response now or in future pandemics. For complete detail of how the funds can be used, this guidance document is provided for your reference.

As we consider our priorities for this final allocation of $335,268, we would invite you to provide us with some input and feedback. Please take a few minutes to let us know how you best think we should utilize our resources by completing this very quick survey. To see a breakdown of emerging themes from the suvery, please click here

Based on the feeedback received thus far and based on current and future priorities of the district, at this time the board is focusing on improvements to the ventilation system in the high school and recovery from learning loss due to COVID. 

ParadeAll Systems (Somewhat) Normal!

We are very excited to be returning to a normal school year. All parents, families, students, and employees: you can look forward to school operations to which we all are accustomed! If there is one thing that has become crystal clear throughout the course of the pandemic: there is no substitute for in person, consistent learning. Full, in person classes are set to resume for our entire student body on August 23, 2021. For all practical purposes, there will be no enhanced mitigation protocols in place and we are prepared to fully welcome everyone to our facilities. That stated, we will continue to provide regular sanitizing, handwashing stations, and will disinfect all attendance centers daily.

At the same time though, we have learned many crucial lessons that provide the opportunity to think forward and prepare in the event of a future emergency. This page includes procedures and plans that will be enacted in emergency scenarios, who ultimately makes those decisions, and how those decisions will be made. 

  1. Archival Coronavirus News and Resources from the District (archived page from the beginning of the pandemic)
  2. Return to Learn Decision Matrix (2020-2021)
  3. Health and Safety Mitigation Plan (2020-2021 school year)
  4. Black Hawk County Health Department
  5. Iowa Department of Public Health

How Decisions on Closure Will be Made 

Extended closures with regard to a pubic health emergency will only be made in conjunction with a governor’s emergency proclamation. An example of this would be the closure experienced in the spring of 2020. Likewise, a move to a virtual format for up to a two week period (again in the event an emergency proclamation is in place) would be coordinated and approved through the Iowa Department of Education. The Hudson Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for these type of closures.

Short Term closures are generally weather related, although they can be used for other emergency situations including but not limited to an outbreak of a contagious sickness, an issue in one of our school buildings, or other natural disaster. One should assume that in the case of a short term closure, those days of school that are canceled will be made up unless otherwise determined by the Hudson Board of Directors. The Superintendent of Schools has responsibility for these type of closures. 

Continuity of Services

Food Service: In the event of a disruption of services, the district will continue to provide meal service as permitted under USDA guidelines. This service would be provided as a curbside pickup behind the elementary school near the entrance to the kitchen. Hours of operation will be provided upon enactment and communicated through our E-Notes notification system.

Academic Services: A full continuum of academic programming will be available under the instructional programming model implemented. This includes service to students with Indviduals with Individuals Educational Plans (IEPs) who require Specially Designed Instruction (SDI). Depending on the instructional model being employed, in some cases an IEP amendment may be required.

Social and Emotional Health: Regardless of the mode of instruction, the district will continue to provide a full slate of health services to consituents, including remote availability of school counselors as needed. The school nurse is further empowered to meet remotely with stakeholders to consider health needs as appropriate. 


On-Site In Person Learning

Kindergarten learning

School will begin as normal on August 23 in person! As the primary and and preferred mode of instruction, no other models will be implemented unless otherwise indicated by a proclamation of disaster emergency by of the Governor of Iowa and approved by the Board of Directors. Any days that are subsequently canceled for other emergency reasons such as weather will be made up as per normal operational procedures. 


Virtual or Remote Learning

Learning from home

We do not anticipate operating a remote learning environment this year and will do so only in conjunction with an emergency proclamation by the Governor of Iowa and promulgated by the Hudson Board of Directors. Like other modes of instruction, remote instruction, if enacted; will be required where attendance will be taken, grades and credit will be awarded, and teachers will deliver instruction remotely. For an idea of  how much daily instruction you can expect your child to receive under our remote learning plan, please refer to this document. Voluntary remote learning is not being offered as an option this year at Hudson Schools





Hybrid Models of Learning

Hybrid Model of Delivery

The hybrid model developed by Hudson considers an approach where only half the students are in attendance in any one give day. This model will be utilized only under an emergency proclamation by the Governor of Iowa and when the board feels it is necessary to maintain physical distancing in our classrooms and in our school buildings. By law, under a hybrid model at least half of the instruction for students must occur onsite. This model would meet that regulation.


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